Naima Chell.

Jul 29, 2021

5 min read

Project 2 : E-Commerce & Redesign


Local shops and practitioners are suffering a decrease in the demand of their services and products due to the extreme situation COVID-19 pushed worldwide. This can affect local economies and many families. Alongside this, we can see true intent and a growing trend to support local businesses in many communities.

Online presence is a good way to hijack the issue. More and more professionals are on the verge of their digital transition.

We have to help local shops and professionals improve their online presence to be more competitive in the actual market.


We have to design a desktop website for a local business or professional. In this project we’re focusing our efforts on organizing the information in a clear way, to be most effective for both the customer and provider. Also, we want to tackle Interaction design patterns to make the exchange as streamlined as possible.

We will use most of the research time for benchmarking and market research as well as developing a sense of professional best practices and rules of thumb we can always rely on.

In some cases, there might already be a website online or a project for a website. Our job is then to analyze what is already there and propose a better solution for the store’s online presence. Moreover, access to the client or stakeholders is not granted.

The Team :

It was an individual and huge work along 2 weeks , then I took the challenge to build a website and its contains .


Have a clear way of locating and specifics offers or products and allow customers to purchase what they want easily .

The brand choosen is SALIVE , a parisian company. Salive propose un concept innovant that the company offers themed tours in Paris and allows the buyer to visit the capital at the same time. The company offers themed tours and allows the buyer to buy the ticket online.We use several analysis method of business and competitive analyse like benchmarking, brand analyse , Market position map.

After this phase of research on the company, I started the process of ux design in order to develop the research on the user and refine his needs to create an alternative to the current site.

User Research :

1- Empathize: Interview stakeholders

We structured an interview script for the stakeholders of the store:

  1. Tell us about your story;
  2. What were your inspirations and motivations for creating your company?
    What are the future challenges of Salive? (How do you see your product in the short / medium / long term?
  3. What difficulties have you encountered in setting up the concept?
    Can you describe the concept in your own words? How many types of taste tours do you offer? Are there any new tours planned?
  4. What are the objectives to be achieved with the marketing of this service/product?
  5. What is your intended target, core target?

What we wanted to know with the interviews questions was:

  • To learn more about the story of the store;
  • Understand the what they are expect about the website;
  • What is a success for them;
  • How they want to grow in their business.

Define: User Personas

In order to build a good website, we had to understand who the people are that buy the brand’s products. For that I create a persona .

Jade is a woman that she loves to discover new things particularly visits cities and differents meats cultures, she find a good way in purchase a taste trail for the full day in Paris !

Architecture: Site Map

Ideate : Userflow

We experimented with separating the locations, and after creating a flow, we looked for the fastest and simplest way for the user to achieve the goal of buying a taste trail. To do this, we had to differentiate all the steps and jobs

Prototype / Wireframe

I used the Crazy Eight method, I began to sketch out some of the website. The Crazy Eight method is designed to help this process by pushing us to generate a lot of ideas in a small amount of time before we get into specifics. I drafted each screen, based on applications/websites I knew and after the sketching process, it enabled me to rapidly identify the user’s steps in their journey.

Also, I had to make a mid- fidelity of the website, and then prototype the flow we had previously selected: buying a taste trail

Test :

The mid-fidelity version of the website was built, and I had to test it with a few real users to see if they were able to do the flow the way we thought they would, to verify some confusing things and receive their remarks.

Insights :

  • I didn’t know where to place the contact button.
  • Offers were visible on the home page
  • The confirmation page could make you go back to be sure of the choice
  • The option of suggestions that take us back to the home page of the tourist office was much appreciated
  • Confirmation of payment was requested

After that I do the iteration of my prototype and after hours of research and work, I gathered it all andI built the Salive project presentation.

It was a very difficult week to work by myself but I DID IT, a lot of informations, a lot of work and a big experience!